JuSt LiKe mE (mytaintedlove) wrote in verysadgirl,
JuSt LiKe mE

Something I wrote today....

xXxXxXx RazoR RazoR xXxXxXx

In my heart,
I feel the pain.
On my mind,
It hurts again.
In my eyes,
Burning tears.

All these years,
All these fears.
All your lies,
All my cries.

Shattered glass,
Broken spirit.
Bloodstained carpet,
With open veins.

Such a desire,
To feel this pain.

I try and try,
And yet,
I can't cope,
Tourturing myself.

You've seen the scars,
And saw the blade,
Denying it all away.

But I still suffer,
Trapped in this world.
You thought I stopped,
But I'm known to lie.

Scarlet, silky,
Sweet and slick.
My beautifully red blood,
So tempting, want a lick?

If I could, you know I'd stop,
But I need this diseased cure.
It feeds my mind,
While it drains,
My lost soul.

So pale, I am, yet again.
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