the girl come undone (verysadgirl) wrote,
the girl come undone

oh so sick i am part II

i had no time to type this in the morning...

this isn't a cry for help.
i could give a good goddamn.
maybe i am not only more 'unstable' but also unworthy...worse...

"i hurt myself today to see if i still feel - i focus on the pain, it's the only thing that's real"

sweet relief.
finding it and cutting it all up
for it a moment it all disappeared
in an instant i remembered everything

and i don't think it's wrong. it's about me.
maybe it is sick but i'm not asking anyone to stop me.

i am who i am.
my logic does not override my emotions. yet i am not ruled by my emotions. although i may get carried away, i do not think it is unhealthy. and i don't make decisons based on such things.
and last night was necessary.
i wanted blood soaked sheets...but it wasn't very deep.
in a few years they'll fade completely

fuck all of you
i am content in my bubble

"yeah, you bleed just to know you're alive"
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